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I started MacGuru Consulting because I love technology, problem-solving, and helping people. Although I had no prior College or University education when I started the business, I had learned a lot from my previous employment - working under pressure in the highly demanding field of Audio Post Production. Now I'm an Apple Certified Professional.  A big portion of my business is technical. However, there is also the human side of it, which is not often mentioned in the industry but it is just as important. Listening to the client and knowing what questions to ask to solve issues is critical. Clear communication and forming a partnership with my clients are key to my business success.


My Story (Short version)

Born in Zimbabwe, music was a big part of Sean's life. After finishing his schooling in Cape Town, South Africa and Los Angeles, California, Sean started his career as an Intern, then Technical Assistant at Media Ventures, a music production company owned by award-winning composer Hans Zimmer in Santa Monica, California.

Years later, Sean moved on to assume a position as a post-production Sound Engineer at Atlantis Group Recording in Santa Monica, California. At Atlantis, Sean recorded, edited, and mixed Television and Radio commercials, sound for Video Games, independent movie companies and worked with clients such as JibJab, LeapFrog, THQ, Activision, Dailey Advertising, and Off Madison Ave

Audio Post Production, Recording Studio, Apple, Pro Tools

Following his passion for technology and all things Apple, Sean decided to leave the audio post production industry and founded MacGuru Consulting in 2006. As an Apple Certified support professional and a member of the Apple Consultants Network, Sean takes great pride in customizing the right solution to meet his client’s needs. 


In his leisure, you can usually find Sean enjoying the music of Miles Davis from his Sonos, studying and training on new technologies on his MacBook Pro, traveling through Europe and Africa or hiking the trails of the Napali Coast and capturing scenic shots with his iPhone and Blackmagic camera.

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