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4K Security. No compromise.


4K offers four times the image resolution of a standard 1080p camera. In many enviroments, one 4K camera can replace three or more HD cameras. The 4K cameras I install include optical zoom, which enables more flexibility when choosing an install location. 

body scan

Built-in Artificial Intelligence can tell the difference between a person and a vehicle. This limits the number of false alarms and allows the end user to easily go back in the recording and find the right moment. Additionally, since the processing happens locally and not in the cloud, your privacy is always protected.


The cameras I install include built-in Infrared illuminators that while invisible to humans light up the night and will not compromise the image quality. 

hard drive
Local Storage

Your footage is stored locally on your Network Video Recorder (NVR), and never in the cloud. This means your privacy is protected. It also means that you are not constantly uploading video footage, which could slow down your internet speed.

No Monthly Fees

Since you own your cameras, and Network Video Recorder (NVR) , there is no need to pay a provider for service. You are also in control when security patches and updates for your equipment run, giving you more control and giving you the choice to record continuously or motion only.

i pjone
Human-Friendly Apps

Protect comes with web and mobile apps that are intuitive and simple to use. Have live view access to your cameras, no matter where you are in the world, and be able to playback, take snapshots, and export your video footage on your iPhone.

Completely IP, & POE

With one wire to the camera, no need to run power separately! Plus, you are running a reliable connection, power, and data. 

Backup Power

My installations come with an optional backup power supply to power your cameras and network in the event of an outage and protect against power fluctuations and power surges.

data server
Easy to Expand

With the modularity of the camera system, it is easy to pick and choose what you need vs. what you don't. The camera system is flexible and can grow with your needs.


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