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E. Emanuelli

“Dealing with MacGuru Consulting was the first time that dealing with computer issues was not a hassle for me.  When I called Sean he gave me some free pointers to try to get my computer to work.  A couple of days later I called him back and he came by my place and took care of the problem.  The main reason I liked it so much was because Sean not only solved my problems, but he also taught me how to be able to do it myself next time.”

M. Conlin

Sean was referred to my by the Apple Genius bar at the Apple Store in Santa Monica.  His work for us since this past fall has been great.  He is extremely knowledgeable about Apple, the latest security issues and the many different types of software available to help your equipment work for you.  He has gotten us both setup on our new Macs, new printer, new iPhone, new video camera etc.  He is our go to guy for any computer or technical related issues.

M. Gragnani

“My experience with MacGuru Consulting?  Terrific!  Approaching the computer with absolutely no skills and no knowledge was frightening.  You made it easy and completely not intimidating.   Now I’m no longer dependent on my wife to draft/send my emails or compose documents.  I can say, for the first time in my life, I know how to use effectively use the computer.  Thanks!”  

L. Craig

“My experience with you and your company was outstanding.  You did not rip me off; totally tried to solve my problem without massive amounts of billing time, was dead on time, and fixed my computer!” 

I. McShane

“Unflappable, unfused, ungeeky geek Sean is your ‘Man for all Apple season’. Doesn’t assume, doesn’t condescend. Doesn’t do plumbing…..shame!”

L. Hines-Jurgens

“I was chasing my own tail, lost in a pit of failure. Nowhereland is not a cool place to be on a Mac computer. Sean came to the rescue, ta-da (drum roll please). . . and in a short time, several tutorials, and lots of patience, he open the window and plucked out the sucky ignorance from my brain folders. I still need help, but now I’m not so desperate.”

J. Endler

“Used for my activities as an artist, writer and photographer, my Mac was in complete disarray and barely limping along when Sean, thankfully arrived. Recommended to me by the Apple store in Manhattan Beach, Sean appeared promptly at the appointed time and performed a complete upgrade, sorting out ancient documents and an enormous collection of photographs in the process. All this was accomplished with much good humor and patience. A real computer guru, he was able to translate his extensive knowledge into clearly understood instructions and explanations. Computer life will never be the same.”

L. Bragg

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my problems with my Mac laptop. You were extremely generous with your time and obviously are an expert with computers. It’s so difficult nowadays to function without my Mac, and I really appreciate your promptness in coming to the house and fixing things so promptly. Your fees are more than reasonable and it is a delight to find someone who is trustworthy and good at what he does. I have recommended you to my friends who have Macs and I am sure you will do as good a job with them as you did with me. Again, thanks so much for your kindness, efficiency and promptness in fixing the problem.”

Arnold Management, Inc.

“MacGuru Consulting set up our entire business office with ease and professionalism we have never witnessed before.  It was with great trepidation we switched all of our computers, phones, and editing systems to Mac.  Sean Graham made the transition seamless, painless, and our office is functioning better than ever.  He is always accommodating with our schedule and our business needs.  We look forward to working with Sean the MacGuru for years to come.”  

V. Lynn

“MacGuru Consulting is the best tech service I ever received and is the most patient and brilliant – would recommend always.”

R. White

“I was very impressed with your professional approach to setting up my new iMac, and I would certainly recommend you and your company to my friends.”

Wellfit Personal Training

“Sean Graham of MacGuru Consulting has been a tremendous asset to my business and personal life, in respect to navigation in the Mac world. It is quite a secure feeling to know that such high quality personalized service is only but a phone call or e-mail away.”

M. Detto

"I cannot thank Mac Guru Consulting enough for helping me with the transition from PC to Mac, setting up my network for my Mac and PC, and always having an answer for my endless questions, and answers I can understand. He is very professional, friendly, generous with his time, and it is always a joy to work with him – he answers all request promptly and finds a solution for every problem, be it network, computer or software related. No more wasting time with support hotlines - I find my life so much easier since having this expert by my side."  

Mr and Mrs Rozenfeld

"When it comes to computer help, we can't recommend Sean Graham highly enough.  Aside from being a true computer guru who's completely professional and extremely knowledgeable in his pursuit, he's a great person who really cares about the work he does for his clients.  To Sean, you're not just a customer but as a person who needs help and needs it right away.  We've all had that desperate feeling when something goes wrong with our computer - it's the end of the world and we need the problem solved now!  Well, Sean is totally sympathetic to that plight and always seems to be there.  He's certainly been our computer safety blanket!  Sean's been to our house on several occasions - setting up computers, rigging our wireless network, assisting in mega back-ups, etc...and somehow, he always turns the most recent crisis into a good time.  My husband and I always learn from Sean and find ourselves entertained as well.  Once, he sat with us for eight hours working on an extensive computer back-up.  What could have been a vexing and tireless experience turned into a pleasant evening eating pizza and watching the Olympics.  That experience speaks to Sean loving what he does and being great at it.  Thanks again Sean."  

D. Nathanson

"Born 1937—You do the math!  Computers are some-what frightening to me, but with Sean’s help and patients he has made using computers a real joy.  When I visited the Apple store in 2007 it was my lucky day when they gave me his business card."  

V. Kivinski

"Sean W. Graham from MacGuru Consulting came to my house to install my wireless printer.  He is not only highly knowledgeable but very helpful and patient.  Sean provides excellent customer service with a smile!!!!  He goes the extra mile!!!  Many Thanks."  

Mr and Mrs King

"Sean Graham of MacGuru Consulting did an excellent job of getting our laptop computers up and running.  My wife and I had a number of issues with establishing an internet connection.  Sean was at our house on time, dress neatly and worked very hard to get our problems resolved.  We would highly recommend him to anyone needing repairs."

A. Benjamin

"Several months ago I was having some trouble with my Mac and went to the Genius Bar.  They were not able to help me and gave me several people to call including Sean Graham. I called two other people and found Sean to be the most responsive and helpful.  Since that time, I've had Sean do several things for me regarding my Macs, PC and routers.  He's been very helpful, easy to work with and understanding.  I would recommend Sean (and have) to anyone and I know they would be satisfied.”

M. Manes

"MacGuru Consulting is the most conscientious technical consulting firm I've ever known, both in terms of customer service and pricing.  They will never be satisfied with their work until they are convinced that the customer is satisfied.  When unforeseen issues unexpectedly extend the time, they work hard to make sure the service remains affordable.  In today's modern dog-eat-dog economy, a business with a conscience is a rare commodity.  MacGuru Consulting sets the standard for practices all businesses should follow.”  

N. Huber
Bright-San Productions

“Sean is amazing! He was fast and efficient. I don’t know what I would’ve done without him. He made my Mac experience stress-free, and I would refer him anytime. Thanks again.”

CrownCoach Works Auto Body & Paint

“We were looking to add a speedy and reliable wireless network to one of our buildings. Sean was efficient and cost-effective. He even did the work after hours so we wouldn’t have to lose any productivity. We highly recommend Mac Guru Consulting for your Mac and network needs. Five out of Five rating, without hesitation.”

R. Venturelli

“Sean is an exceptional Mac consultant. I made the switch from PC to Mac with another technician and I had many problems that needed to be resolved. Sean was able to solve them all, in a timely and professional manor. He also taught me some great Mac shortcuts, tools and timesavers that helped me get ahead of the curve on my new Mac.”

MacGuru Consulting Testimonials (49)
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