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  • Sean Graham

Good Changes Coming Soon To iOS 17.5 Update

Tech repairing iPhone

In the upcoming iOS 17.5 update, Apple is introducing an innovative "Repair State" feature tailored to streamline the service process for iPhones without compromising security. This enhancement allows users to send their iPhones for repair while keeping both Find My and Activation Lock functions active.

Previously, sending an iPhone in for repair necessitated disabling Find My, which in turn deactivated Activation Lock, an essential anti-theft measure. However, this posed challenges as it made the device vulnerable to theft or loss during transit, with no recourse for recovery.

With the introduction of the Repair State feature, Find My remains enabled, ensuring Activation Lock stays active throughout the repair process. This means that the iPhone remains trackable via the Find My app, providing added peace of mind to users.

Upon activating the Repair State, the device is labeled as "Ready for Repair" and retains full functionality throughout the service period. Even in this state, the iPhone can be marked as lost and remains fully operational. It's important to note that at present, the "Remove This Device" option in Find My to enable Repair State is primarily available for iPhones. Other devices like Macs and Apple Watches display a warning indicating that this action will remove the device from the Apple ID account. Additionally, for the Repair State option to be accessible, the iPhone must be online and trackable through Find My. Offline devices will not display this feature.

As Repair State is still undergoing development, there may be potential for its expansion to include compatibility with other devices once iOS 17.5 and related updates are launched in May. However, at present, the option to disable Repair State is not available.

This innovative feature underscores Apple's commitment to enhancing user experience while maintaining robust security measures, ensuring a seamless and secure repair process for iPhone owners.


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